Family Fun Night

This weekend we went to the “big city.” We at first couldn’t figure out what to do that would be fun with a bunch of kiddos that didn’t cost a million dollars. I called my friend Cindy and said “what shall we do?”  We decided on bowling!! It was so much fun!Kyler wanted to try on daddy’s shoes. They looked like clown shoes so funny!Since we came into “the city” and didn’t know what we were going to do we weren’t prepared so I had to borrow some socks. Aren’t these just cute?Look at all these kiddos! Super cute!!!And the parents that try to keep them all in line 🙂 Our pic was pushed down somehow.Don’t you just love bowling shoes? I wish I could find a pair to wear everyday much to my kiddos chagrin!!!!Kenzie and Taryn thought they would try to add a new way of bowling to the sport pitiful!!Kyler loved to drive the video game car. I’m not even kidding you it took about everyone of us to try and get her off.Jeremy drove his motorcycle so Taryn asked if she could ride with him to the restaurant. She was so nervous but she loved it!!After supper Cindy and I thought we needed some chocolate as a reward for making it through the evening with all of the craziness! It was worth every single bite!! Thanks so much Womacks for a great evening we always enjoy hanging with ya’ll.

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Happy Easter everyone I hope you had a great day with your families!! We had a great day! The kids woke up to their baskets! I don’t do much just a little something.This year I bought the stuff to color eggs but everyone I guess decided they didn’t want to dye eggs. The olders kids didn’t care about it and Kyler was to young yet and didn’t know the difference. So, I guess I’m ahead for next year in that area. I did have candy to fill their eggs for the baskets.Kyler LOVES her brother!! I was so glad I captured this picture, to sweet!This is the only decent family picture. The sun was so bright can you tell?I told the 5 I wanted a group pic and this is what they gave me. Pitiful!!Tiana was so excited that I found dresses that matched! We even found shoes that matched as well.We spent the day at my brother and sister-in-law’s Phil and Lorene. They are always the hostess with the mostess. Thanks for all the work you put into our fun family day!! They even had an Easter egg hunt.  I love that Taryn still wanted to hunt eggs!!It was fun to watch Kyler hunting Easter eggs last year she wasn’t walking yet.And the redneckness of the family came out, I mean really how could it not!!! David my brother-in-law on the far right and my nephew Corey on the far left pulled the guns out and ripped it up. Taryn and Kenton loved it!!! It was such a great day! I’m so thankful for what the day really means how despite how the world views Easter, I know that it was the day that Jesus rose from the grave and broke the chains of sin and that He did all of that for me. Praise Him!!

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Happy Birthday Jenny K

Tomorrow is Jenny K’s birthday and while she was here from Germany we decided to celebrate her day! I asked her what she wanted for her birthday supper and she said she wanted our homemade pizza.
I make it in a cast iron skillet, there is something about the way it makes the edges all crispy, it reminds me of pizza hut pizza Yum-o!!Of course we had to have some sort of cake and since she LOVES coconut I made chocolate coconut cupcakes.I miss you my little German sister but hopefully we will see you in 3 years and not 8!! Love ya Jenny K I hope you have a great day!!!

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April Showers

It has been raining so much here lately. I love rainy days!! In a perfect world I would go back to bed and read a book all day! Needless to say no books have been read for a long time which is really sad. I snapped these pics yesterday with my iphone while I was doing some errands in town. I hope you have a beautiful spring day!

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The other day Cabela’s opened up in the big city!! It was in the middle of the week, in the middle of a school week! Kenton had been begging to go, and not just a little bit of begging! Begging like “Mom have you decided yet, can we go?” over and over and over again. Of course I took him! Now let me explain something. I am a black friday kind of girl. I’m use to standing in line for a long time to get into a store. But, the outdoor industry takes it to a whole different level! They had a live band that played some great 80’s music, the governor of the state was there giving a speech, and they were giving out free stuff (we didn’t win anything). After they opened the doors it still took us about 20 minutes to finally get in!
It was really cool inside! All kinds of animals, and even a small aquarium. It was really neat! Jenny K and I were done in about 10 minutes but Kenton wanted to see everything and I did my best to be patience.He wanted to buy something with his money and after much deliberation he finally decided on this hat. Good choice! It was a good time but we did have alot of homework to make up but Kenton said it was worth it!! 

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So, when a mom is gone for a weekend things kind of start caving in! I knew it would! They did pretty good at the surface clean well thank goodness for my friend Cindy who came over and saved the day and cleaned the kitchen or else I might have just got in the car and went back to Megs 🙂  With a family of 7 the laundry never really gets finished. So, I have ALOT of job security that is for sure!!!My coupons are usually all organized and put away but they aren’t and it is driving me crazy!!! But by the end of the day it WILL be done.I’m going to drink alot of motivation and hopefully everything will fall back into place. But the weekend was TOTALLY worth all the extra work and everyone needs a little job security every now and then 🙂 I hope you have a productive day as well!

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Craft Weekend

My friends Meg and Kimberlee  have started this really amazing phenomenon called a craft weekend, what is a craft weekend you may ask! Well, it’s a chance for 12 women who live all over the country to come together and craft. Sew, paint, laugh ALOT, antique, and eat!! Doesn’t that sound amazing??? Oh baby it is so much fun!! I have been helping Megs and Kimberlee get ready for them before the weekend starts but I have never been there during the weekend so when they asked if I could come and help I didn’t even hesitate!! 6 of the women flew in from their respected homes so I drove this 15 passenger van to pick them up! I wore this cute little apron so that they would know who I was. I have to admit I was a little nervous but once I met the women I don’t know why they were all so amazing!The first night we all worked on our ruffle aprons.
The next morning after breakfast it was time for some antiquing!!Cassie found this super cute cookie jar and took it home with her! All the way to Tampa, FL!!Melissa on the left found this really neat sewing machine and now it makes it homes in Seattle!The barn full of antiques is always amazing! I love to look at all the treasures.Kimberlee was in charge of all the amazing food. I just helped wherever I could but she was like a well oiled machine!!
Here are some of the finished products! The ladies did an amazing job! Aren’t these the cutest headbandsDid I metion that I’m not a very crafty girl so thankful everyone helped me out! Erin helped me with my bow.It was such a wonderful weekend! My life is now so much richer for meeting these 12 incredible women.Thanks Megs and Kimberlee for an awesome weekend! I had such a great time and I’m so thankful to be able to call you my friends!

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