Opening Season

Opening Season you say, what???? Ok opening season for my kind of hunting!! Garage Sale season!! In our neck of the woods we have city wide garage sales which is awesome because you can park your car and walk to all these different sales. It is fabulous!! So, on friday my sister Alicia, I and 3 kids loaded up and headed to find some bargains! She really scored!! I found some clothes for me which never happens so I was excited about that!Alicia has been looking for an exercise bike for awhile now on craiglist. But, at the 4th garage she found one and it worked perfectly and they only wanted only $10.00!! She had a budget of $100.00 I told her “she made money today.” The crazy thing was that we went to another sale later on we found the exact same bike but they wanted $150.00! Craziness!!The kids had fun looking at all the toys and my nephew even found some clothes for the next season. They did really good about leaving the toys there, well……almost Kyler might have come home with another baby or two!!! Pitiful!Finally we stopped for a lunch break at sonic. We were so hungry and tired but it was well worth it.Did I mention we were tired?? Some of us more then others. Kyler all of the sudden hit a wall and that was that! But, she fell asleep on the way home and was much happier when she woke up.Here are our treasures, the car was loaded!These were a couple of new shoes that Ky and I bought I love buying shoes for a quarter! All in all we had a great day! A couple of time it might have gotten crazy with 3 kids but we managed and we found some great deals and made some amazing memories!

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5 Responses to Opening Season

  1. cheda2211 says:

    Were you at the Valley Center garage sales? I went for a couple hours…spent $17. I got to go by myself…thank goodness. Congrats on all the great deals 🙂

  2. Leah Ekeland says:

    Love it! This time of year is my fav for garage sales! Bring on the good deals!!!!

  3. Debby Tyson says:

    The Whitewater Library has a list of all the local city-wide garage sale dates…just sayin’,

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