The Calm before the storm

It doesn’t happen but once in a blue moon where everything is lined up just right that a mama gets to take a bubble bath but it did and no one even bothered me! God must have known that I needed a few minutes to relax before the weekend HIT. It is a very busy busy weekend! Here are some things that are suppose to happen and there will be picutres on monday to prove it all went down. Friends are coming from the promise land (Oklahoma), I have to run kids back and forth to school for an evening activity, I have to run another child to the big city tomorrow for a Birthday party, one of the senior girls is coming to get her hair done for her “Prom”, having some other friends over for supper on saturday night (which I’m very excited about), but the activity that will keep the milkman and I both hoppin the most is the high school is having their Jr./ Sr. “Prom” in our hayloft!! Whew!! Thank goodness I have a few minutes just to breath. I hope you have a great weekend! Let me know what you have got going!

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One Response to The Calm before the storm

  1. kerrywiebe says:

    Funny you say “Prom” we had those at Markoma too, Prom dresses, suits, eatin, and preachin!!!! Those were the wild nights……Aye!!!! Too much dessert.

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