Kyler is at this very funny stage where she wants not 1 baby, not 2 babies but all her babies. Then she get very frustrated when she can’t carry them all at the same time. When I rock her to sleep either for nap time or bedtime it is so hard to get her and all her babies in the chair without feeling very squished! Here is a little bit of trivia the baby on the far left in the yellow was one of my baby when I was a kid. My older kids would say its amazing how good it looks for being so old. Not funny!!!

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One Response to Babies

  1. Debby Graber says:

    I was the same way. I had 17 baby dolls as a kid one time. I still love baby dolls and have been known to purchase them and even rock them like they are real. Is it any wonder I am in the church nursery? LOVE those little kiddos!

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