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The Carnival

I have been really bad about posting this week I know. But, I have been so busy with this……..the school’s carnival. I am just posting some pics of us getting it ready for now.Everyone did an awesome job. The High School art class did all of the painting of the store fronts.
Everyone pitched in to bring yummy baked goods for the cake walk.I thought this was awesome whoever came up with this design for the snack bar. Super cute!These were all of the sponsors that helped make everything possible. I also had the privilege to sing so that was an added bonus because I don’t get much of chance to do that anymore!Guess which booth was my station? The cow milking booth of course!! Getting ready for the carnival was ALOT of hard work but we had such a great time and the kids LOVED it! Great job ladies you really know how to put on a great show!! I’m so enjoyed the time I was able to spend with you.

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Game Night

Once in awhile we try to play games as a family. So on Sunday night we pulled out the Yahtzee game and had a blast!
The kids were really good about letting Kyler help them roll and Tiana even let her draw on her game card.
Natalia played but in between her turn she did her homework. So studious!!One of the things we do on Sunday nights for supper is chef choice. I always make a big bowl of popcorn and then what ever food you can make you can have. Except for the baby which we always make sure she has something besides popcorn (put down the phone you don’t need to call SRS!!) We love to eat our popcorn with shredded cheese over the top YUM!! What a fun evening! There is something about friendly competition to get the family going!!

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Opening Season

Opening Season you say, what???? Ok opening season for my kind of hunting!! Garage Sale season!! In our neck of the woods we have city wide garage sales which is awesome because you can park your car and walk to all these different sales. It is fabulous!! So, on friday my sister Alicia, I and 3 kids loaded up and headed to find some bargains! She really scored!! I found some clothes for me which never happens so I was excited about that!Alicia has been looking for an exercise bike for awhile now on craiglist. But, at the 4th garage she found one and it worked perfectly and they only wanted only $10.00!! She had a budget of $100.00 I told her “she made money today.” The crazy thing was that we went to another sale later on we found the exact same bike but they wanted $150.00! Craziness!!The kids had fun looking at all the toys and my nephew even found some clothes for the next season. They did really good about leaving the toys there, well……almost Kyler might have come home with another baby or two!!! Pitiful!Finally we stopped for a lunch break at sonic. We were so hungry and tired but it was well worth it.Did I mention we were tired?? Some of us more then others. Kyler all of the sudden hit a wall and that was that! But, she fell asleep on the way home and was much happier when she woke up.Here are our treasures, the car was loaded!These were a couple of new shoes that Ky and I bought I love buying shoes for a quarter! All in all we had a great day! A couple of time it might have gotten crazy with 3 kids but we managed and we found some great deals and made some amazing memories!

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The Calm before the storm

It doesn’t happen but once in a blue moon where everything is lined up just right that a mama gets to take a bubble bath but it did and no one even bothered me! God must have known that I needed a few minutes to relax before the weekend HIT. It is a very busy busy weekend! Here are some things that are suppose to happen and there will be picutres on monday to prove it all went down. Friends are coming from the promise land (Oklahoma), I have to run kids back and forth to school for an evening activity, I have to run another child to the big city tomorrow for a Birthday party, one of the senior girls is coming to get her hair done for her “Prom”, having some other friends over for supper on saturday night (which I’m very excited about), but the activity that will keep the milkman and I both hoppin the most is the high school is having their Jr./ Sr. “Prom” in our hayloft!! Whew!! Thank goodness I have a few minutes just to breath. I hope you have a great weekend! Let me know what you have got going!

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Kyler is at this very funny stage where she wants not 1 baby, not 2 babies but all her babies. Then she get very frustrated when she can’t carry them all at the same time. When I rock her to sleep either for nap time or bedtime it is so hard to get her and all her babies in the chair without feeling very squished! Here is a little bit of trivia the baby on the far left in the yellow was one of my baby when I was a kid. My older kids would say its amazing how good it looks for being so old. Not funny!!!

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Happy Everything

So I have been eyeing this loveseat at Kohl’s for a few weeks. I wanted something for the screened in porch that could handle some weather. Finally it went on sale and I had a coupon of course!! When I got to the store I found out that they were out of them except for this floor model so I asked the manager if they would take some more off the price since everyone had been sitting on it. Thankfully, she said “YES” so I got another 15% off! Yay! and to top it off they were giving Kohl’s cash. So, next week the milkman can go and get some boots, with the Kohl’s cash score! I told the milkman we can count this as my Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July and whatever else he wanted to call it gift!! Now the next question is, who is coming over to sip coffee with me on the porch.

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